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Isabelle's Coffee House​

The Exchange

One morning before quarantine started, you and your family had visited your favorite local bistro for breakfast.  You were fiddling with your phone waiting to order your second chocolate-filled croissant when you saw a strange interaction. A patron from the restaurant wearing sunglasses and a black hoody exchanged a few words with a staff member who gestured toward the menu, handed over a chrome book, and received back what looked like a flashdrive. Although your family patronized the restaurant at least once a week, you did not recognize the employee.  Strange, you thought, but after ordering, you rejoined your family and continued your breakfast.


The Investigation

Later, you noticed the odd person in the hoody sitting at a table in the back of the restaurant near the restrooms. She was hunched over two laptops and a tablet. Your curiosity getting the better of you, you headed toward the restrooms to get a better look. As you walked past, you stole a quick glance at the girl's computer screen. Strange??? Positioning yourself discretely behind the partition separating the restroom alcove from the sitting area, you pulled out your phone and snapped a picture of what you saw.

Just before your family left, the lights in the restaurant flickered eerily but came back on.  The girl smiled mysteriously, then abruptly packed up her gear, and left. As you and your family were leaving Isabelle's, you saw a piece of paper under the table where the stranger had been sitting. You quickly rushed back, grabbed the wadded up paper, stuck it in your jacket pocket, and followed your family to the car.

Stuck at Home

Your Photos

Although it had seemed strange at the time, you quickly forgot about the incident as daily life moved forward. . .  until now. . .  You are sitting in your room, bored out of your mind after over a month hanging out with your family at home. You're flipping aimlessly through the pictures on your phone when you come across the photo you had taken at Isabelle's of the girl's computer screen. What does it mean?

Adams 12 GT Parents Group Virtual Escape Room

Another Clue

Suddenly, you remember the wadded up paper.  Where was that jacket?  Pushing a pile of books and papers out of the way, you find it buried in the bottom of your closet.  Thankfully, the paper is still in the pocket where you had left it. Laying the crumpled note out flat on your bed, you discover it's a Sudoku puzzle.




















Do You Accept the Challenge

Under normal circumstances, you would probably not give any of this a second thought.  But, let's face it, you do have some extra time on your hands.  Plus, the strange girl, the chrome book and the flash drive, the computer screen, the odd note. . .it all seems rather mysterious.

Quickly deciding what to do, you contact your friends to discuss what you found. Maybe they can help you figure out what to do next.  What you do know, though, is that you better keep these clues in a safe spot!

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